Tasty Beverage Flavoured Vape Liquids NZ

Cheers to cocktails on the beach! If you can’t quite make it to that tropical island, the next best thing is our Tropical Paradise e-liquid. Sit back, relax and imagine the sea breeze on your face, sand between your toes and the taste of fresh mango and papaya. If milkshake is more your thing, JCH Vapes NZ has got you covered with our Kiwinana Milkshake vape liquid. You might even find a hint of strawberry if you’re lucky!

Select a vape liquid size of 60ml or 120ml and choose your nicotine strength ranging from 0mg up to 12mg. If you need a burst of energy along with tongue tingling flavor, the Grape Energybeverage flavoured e-liquid is a must. Fruity, tangy and energising, you’ll be ready to tackle the day!

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JCH Vapes stock a huge range of vape liquids, plus equipment like tanks, mods, pens and e-cig starter kits. We regularly offer a range of cash saving specials and are always updating our tasty e-liquid flavours. Check back regularly for the best beverage flavoured vape liquids and many other exciting flavours.

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