Creamy, Smooth Custard Flavoured Vape Juice

Who remembers fruit crumble or bread and butter pudding covered in custard? Well, these deserts are the things dreams were made of! Creamy, sweet and satisfying, it’s a flavor that you can’t get enough of. And this is why JCH Vapes has introduced their custard flavoured vape juice.

Try out the Queens Custard e-juice – fit for a Queen, you will feel like royalty taking in the smooth, creamy flavor. Or the Crème Anglaise vape juice is another great choice, offering a mouthwatering vanilla inhale and smooth sweet exhale. Sound good? Order your custard vape juice in 60ml or 120ml sizes and a nicotine strength of 0mg up to 12mg.

Satisfy Your Custard Cravings with the Best Custard E-Juice NZ

Tasty custard flavoured vape juice is just one of our e-juice flavours. We also offer beverage flavours, candy flavours, fruity flavours, menthol flavours, nutty flavours, traditional tobacco and nicotine salts. Why not put your mixologist skills to the test and craft your own vape liquid with two of your favourites? We’d love to hear about what you create! Message us anytime…

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