Best Fruit Flavoured Vape Liquids Online NZ

JCH Vapes New Zealand offer a range of fruity, zesty and extremely tasty vape liquids. We have a range of fabulously fruity flavours for you to choose from including; Tropical Paradise, Grape Energy, Pink Lady, Kiwi Gum, Raspy Peach, Blueberry Cereal and more.

The Grape Energy E-liquid gives you a fresh taste plus a burst of energy – ideal for those fuzzy mornings after the night before! Our tropical Paradise E-liquid tastes like a luscious cocktail and will have you feeling like you’re on an island far away. Or what about the Raspy Peach which gets those taste buds dancing with a mix of succulent peach and sour raspberry.

Fresh and Fruity E-Liquids

Our fruity range of e-liquids are constantly updated in our online store. This means you’ll never go long without the freshest fruit flavours possible. Each fruit flavoured vape liquid is quality checked by our team, ensuring you only get the very best.

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