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UWELL | Caliburn G

UWELL | Caliburn G


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  • Replaceable Coil - Replace your coil and make sure the coil aligns with locating slot on the pod.
  • 2ml Top-fill Pod-Easily detaches the drip tip to refill the pod. The filler hole has a silicone check valve to avoid e-liquid leakage and reduces the mess.
  • 2 Different Airflows -With ingenious airway design, you can get two different vape experiences when the pod is installed in different directions.
  • USB Type-C port on the bottom of Caliburn G.
  • New UN2 Meshed-H 0.8Ω Coil - Long-lasting heat evenly and fully atomize the juice present full and original flavour.
  • Lock/Unlock-Just like Caliburn, you can quickly lock/unlock the Caliburn G with 5 clicks. When the device is locked, you don`t need to worry about accidental firing in your pocket.
  • Simple Yet Elegant-A slender frame for a more comfortable grip. The fire button is decorated with a golden ring to give it a bit of an elegant touch.
  • Direct Vape or Button Vape- Vape through the air pressure sensor or press the button.