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STRAPPED | Salts 10ml

STRAPPED | Salts 10ml


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Super soak your #vapelyfe with Strapped E-Liquids. These candy powered vapes are sure to put the flavour back into your tank with Seven incredibly zingy flavours that will leave your taste buds craving for more! Whether you are looking for a sour belt blast or bubble-gum combo, Strapped have got you covered!

Strapped Soda | Super Rainbow Candy – A confectionary blend with a fruity twist. The sugary candy taste provides the base of this flavour with bold notes of mixed fruit for a distinct vape.

Strapped Soda | Mango Guava Palava – a sweet blend of tropical fruit soda that’s anything but trouble, Mango Guava Palava will take your taste buds on a trip you won’t want to come back from!

Strapped Original | Bubblegum Drumstick - Does the famous Bubblegum Drumstick lolly ever spring to your mind when you think about your favourite vintage candies? Bubblegum Drumstick by Strapped is here to help you rekindle those old memories.

Strapped Original | Tangy Tutti Frutti - One of the great things about using natural fruit as a candy flavouring is that you can capture the fruit's full range of sweet and sour notes. Tangy Tutti Frutti by Strapped is an attempt to capture that magic in e-liquid form. You'll love this juice's blend of multiple fruit flavours.

Strapped Original | Apple Sour Refresher - Capturing the flavour of an apple candy that's sweet in the middle and dusted with sour powder on the outside, Sour Apple Refresher by Strapped is the balanced apple candy e-liquid that you've been searching for.

Strapped Original | Cool Lemon Sherbet - Tongue tingling lemon sherbet candy with a cool aftertaste, another fantastic e-liquid by Strapped!

Strapped Original | Rubbarb & Custard - A nostalgic mix of tangy rhubarb and sweet vanilla that is a perfect replica of your favourite hard candy.

Brand: STRAPPED -Candy Powered Vapes
Flavour: 7 Flavours
Bottle Size: 10ml
Nicotine Type: Nicotine Salt
VG/PG: 50/50
Ingredients: Nicotine Salt, PG/VG, Natural and Artificial ingredients.

    This product is specifically designed for use in low powered devices and not for sub-ohm atomisers. Made with nic salts for smooth delivery of high nicotine e-liquid flavours.