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GEEKVAPE | Wenax C1 Kit

GEEKVAPE | Wenax C1 Kit


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The Entire Grasp

Refillable Pod

Fulfill your day with the refillable pod.
Coil-replaceable design.
Change your favorite taste along with your mood


Two ways to start up a Wenax C1

Not only for making a bigger cloud but enriching a full vaping experience.
Auto-draw – pick up Wenax C1 and vape without any press.
Button-triggered with adjustable power setting.

3-level Adjustable Power Output 

White = Low  Blue = Med  Green = High 


 Enduring Battery Life

Impressive whole-day vaping with 950mAh battery capacity.

Charge a Wenax pod with a USB-C cable – embrace a faster
and easier charging experience.


  Natural Feel

Dive into the marvelous vaping world.
Comfy for mouth and for skin.
  Feel the breeze with a mouth-fit drip tip between your lips.
Silky touch with a velvety body among your fingers.