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How to Know If You’re Ready For a Mech Mod

Being powerful and customisable, mechanical mods are some of the top e-cigarettes you can get, but generally need a certain amount of knowledge and building experience to use. Mechanical Mods are not advised for newbies, therefore it may be advisable to hold back until you’ve been vaping for a while and have experienced using a few different types of device.

Mechanical mods don’t come with the same safety features as regulated mods. This means if you haven’t had much experience, you could do something wrong and install the wrong resistance coil, overheating your device.

Mechanical mods need a lot more practice to perfect and have no pre-determined limits on power, voltage or resistance, meaning you have a lot more scope to experiment with various coils and ways to build. If you know what you’re doing this is a dream, if not you could just end up annoyed.

Have You Built Coils Before?

You need to of worked with a wide variety of custom built coils, as coil building is an essential skill needed if you want to use a mechanical mod. If you’re newbie coil builder, you’d be best practicing with a rebuildable regulated mod. This type of mod comes with safety features, allowing you to get practice wicking, setting and wrapping coils harmlessly.

Alongside building your coils, knowledge on how to test your coils and their resistance is imperative. This will ensure they don’t overheat when used in your vape. To gain this skill, you’ll need to find out how ohm’s law works.

You Must Understand Ohm’s Law

A mechanical mod will not adjust its power like various other mods, meaning you’ll have to adjust its power after inserting a new coil. To do this you’ll need to have a good understanding of ohm’s law, which is a mathematical equation to test the safety and performance of any mech mod you’ve built. This basically means -- working out how much energy your mod is taking by plugging in the batteries voltage and the resistance of the coil.

Each battery has a top limit for the amount of amps you can safely draw from it. The higher amount of amps pulled out, the lower your coils resistance is. Knowing the Ohm’s law will help you decipher the maximum amount of amps your battery can safely supply.

It’s important you understand and have practiced the ohm’s law before you try out a mech mod. To gain understanding, experiment using ohm’s law on your own coils before trying out more advanced mechanical mods.

Consider Cost

Just purchasing the mechanical mod alone, can be an expensive investment and alongside this you need a variety of other components. Usually, your mech mod will arrive alone and you’ll need to purchase the battery, atomiser and a tank separately.

Also, you’ll need coil building accessories like; wire, cotton, tweezers and pliers if you don’t already own them. Mechanical mods can seem expensive and need a bit of experience to get good at using. Take your time to learn the right skills and knowledge on safety and once you try out the mechanical mod you’ll realise it was all worthwhile.