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How to Set Up Your Vape for the First Time

It can be tempting to start pressing all the buttons on your shiny new vape when it arrives but take your time to learn the correct procedures to avoid any damage. If you hit the fire up button while the tank is empty it will result in a dry hit to the coil, which in turn burns the organic cotton inside, which could lead to a ruined coil and a nasty taste in your mouth. Take time to follow the guide below and you’ll enjoy your first vape hit in no time.

Step 1

Unpack your new vape from the box and place all the pieces on a dry, flat surface. Thoroughly inspect your device and check the information on the packaging to determine whether it is a top fill or bottom fill.

Step 2

Open up the filling cap and start pouring your bottle of e-liquid into the tank. Check for the max fill line on the tank and make sure you don’t fill over the line. Once the tank is full, securely close the tank and proceed to step 3.

Step 3

It can be tempting to rush through all the steps so you can start using your vape as soon as possible! Try to hold back and let your tank sit for five minutes before you first use it, as this will allow optimum flavour by allowing the e-liquid to soak right through the coil. The organic cotton inside the coil needs to soak up the e-liquid and if you try to use it too fast, you could potentially take a dry hit – which tastes horrible and will burn out the coil. If you really need to get things moving faster, you can slowly draw on the mouthpiece, but DO NOT press the fire button.

Step 4

Next, decide whether you have a fixed device or a variable wattage device. A fixed wattage device has no display screen and no controls on the side. A variable wattage device has a display screen and controls on the side. For a variable wattage device, jump to step five and a fixed wattage device go to step six.

Step 5

Before enjoying your vape, you must ensure you have it set to the correct settings. For example, when using the Innokin EZ – Watt Kit it comes with a 1 x 1.5 ohm coil. This coil type has an operating wattage of 13-35 watts. To make sure you don’t overpower or under power the coil in your tank, you should set your device to 20/25 watts. If set incorrectly you could cause the coil to burn out leaving a nasty taste in your mouth. If you cannot decide the best wattage for your device, check on the packaging, on the coil or online with the JCH Vapes team.

Step 6

Your vape should be ready to rock and roll! Try out your vape by placing your mouth on the mouthpiece and begin to draw, while simultaneously holding down the fire button. Start with a 1-2 second draw time and change to suit your taste.

If you need an extra hand setting up your vape kit, talk to the team at JCH Vapes by calling 0347 40947.