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You’ll be Shocked at the Variety of Flavours you can Choose From

Looking back on the days when the vape was just a crazy passing thought and meanwhile, everyone froze to death smoking outside in the snow and maybe you had that one acquaintance who chose the menthol flavour, which was the most unusual cigarette flavours got back then!? Who would have thought how times would change and we’d actually find it hard to decide on an e-juice flavour!

Today, any type of flavour you could dream up of for an e-cigarette, there’s probably a manufacturer somewhere that’s producing it. It can be supremely difficult choosing your first few flavours when you first make the jump to vaping, but with a little research, you’ll soon find the flavours that you can’t live without and the ones you like to switch too when you’re in a different mood.

Also, take into account – if you’re transitioning from an intense cigarette habit, your taste buds could be damaged and not as reactive to flavour in the beginning, which may affect the flavours you choose. Plus the VG/PG content and the nicotine levels, will also vary the experience you have with flavours.

Dessert Flavoured Vape Liquids

Now you don’t need to eat a delicious chocolate brownie, strawberry cheesecake or tiramisu heaped with frosted sprinklings – you can vape it! Many people are partial to a sweet after dinner treat and this is why this category is usually pretty popular. You can get your sugar fix with this e-juice flavour and not spend hours in the gym to work it off.

Fruit Flavoured Vape Liquids

Fruit flavoured vape juice is generally very popular with vapers of all levels and you’ll find all manner of fruity goodness to choose from. Complex blends such as raspberry peach or cherry cool are a nice mix, but if you like single fruit flavours; strawberry, lemon or blueberry are good ones to try.

Food Flavoured Vape Liquids

If you love a bacon sandwich or crunchy Doritos, unbelievably you can get these as vape juice flavours! As crazy as it sounds, manufacturers have tried to create everyone’s favourite savoury dishes into a vape flavour. Although most will be an acquired taste, if you look hard enough you’ll find all manner of unusual flavours out there, you probably think shouldn’t actually be an e-juice!

Candy Flavoured Vape Liquids

Although there has been hot debate in the vaping world, that this category could persuade kids to start vaping, it’s actually wasn’t designed for that. The majority of people have a favourite sweet from their childhood and being able to find this in a vape is a great trip down memory lane. From bon-bons to toffee apple to chocolate -- there’s a candy flavour that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Tobacco Flavoured Vape Liquids

If you’ve recently kicked the cigarette habit, this is a great flavour to begin with to satisfy cravings. One great plus is; you can ease yourself into more exotic flavours by mixing them with the tobacco flavour to start! Maybe a blueberry yogurt tobacco might be a great mix!?

Beverage Flavoured Vape Liquids

If it’s 6 am in the morning and you fancy a margarita, but don’t actually want the hangover, yes you can just smoke a margarita flavoured vape juice! Choose from alcohol flavours, milkshake mixes, summer smoothie flavours and even a coffee flavour.