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B A T T E R I E S, C H A R G E R 'S & C A B L E S

If your device uses external batteries, commonly Lithium-ion batteries, you'll want to use an external charger even if you can charge them with your mod. There's not the same overcharge protections with onboard charging as there are with an external charger. In fact, most manufacturers recommend you use an external charger. 

Li-ion batteries are high discharge batteries; they can provide an incredible amount of current in a very short period of time. As such you need to be very careful with them. Never put your loose vape batteries in your pocket or bag - if they short out on your keys or loose change they can vent, releasing burning hot/flammable gas/liquid. We recommend that you keep your batteries in a battery case.

Unfortunately due to new shipping restrictions surrounding single lithium ion cells and their new classification as dangerous/hazardous goods, we can not offer postage on these products.  

We recommend using external Battery chargers, this is the safest most efficient way to charge your battery and will also ensure longevity. 

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