18650 Battery Wraps


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      Give your 18650 battery a brand new look and protection with this shrinkable cover

      How to:

      1) Remove the old wrapper by getting under the edge with your nails or a plastic cutter (do not use metal scissors or knives);

      2) Slide the wrapper onto your battery and center it so you get extra wrap at the top and at the bottom;

      3) Use an hair dryer on "hot" setting and run it from the top to the bottom, until the wrapper shrinks the battery. It should takes more or less 10 seconds;

      4) Run the hair dryer over the top and the bottom of the battery, until the wrapper shrinks perfectly over the battery;

      - 1x 18650 Battery PVC Wrap
      - Pre-cut to protect your 18650 battery
      - Trim off 0.5cm
      - Perfect for re-wrapping or adding an extra layer of protection to your batteries
      - Hair dryer required to heat them enough to perfectly fit your batteries


      Please note: 18650 battery is NOT included

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