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El Rascals

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Dragon Brains
You probably don't want to know how we obtained this e-liquid, but believe us when we say it was totally worth it to bring you this big Dragon Fruit & Ripe Strawberry vape with a touch of cream.
Flavour profile:
Dragon Fruit, Strawberries, Fruity

Pimp Sauce
On our travels, we met a smooth, charming salesman who handed us a devine elixir of sweet strawberries and milk.
we thought we would name it after the Rascal who gave this rare recipe to us.
Flavour profile:

Ripe strawberries, Milkshake

Dragon Menthilla
Somewhere in the frosty mountains of the south, we discovered a dragon who reluctantly gave us an amazing e-liquid of Dragon Fruit and Menthol- it blew our minds!
we think this rascal is pretty cool!
Flavour profile:
Cool Menthol, Dragon Fruit

Tobacco Elixir
We travelled far & wide to find this mystic gnomes of the North to get our hands on the finest tobacco concentrates, which we have combined with a rich caramel to bring you RY4 Tobacco
this flavour was previously known as RY4 Tobacco
Flavour profile:
Caramels, RY4 Tobacco, Chocolate

Flavour profile:
Creamy biscuit and a delicious strawberry cheesecake base.

Flavour profile:
A complex pomegranate base dotted with blueberries and slathered with silky cream

Brand: El Rascals
Bottle Size:
Nicotine Type: Standard
Ingredients: Nicotine, PG/VG, Natural and Artificial ingredients.

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